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Kyle Boyce Rogers

Real Estate

About Kyle Boyce Rogers

Kyle Boyce Rogers, based in Greenville, South Carolina, is a real estate and business professional with over a decade of hands-on, industry experience. He is currently a real estate investor at Hills and Valleys, LLC. Born into a family of entrepreneurs and business owners, Kyle and his wife, Deanna, inherited his family’s business—an early childhood education program—and have turned it into a booming operation with three prestigious locations. 

A natural born leader, Kyle loves having his hands in multiple projects and businesses. What’s more, he feels the most satisfaction of a job well done when he is helping other people accomplish their goals. It is his dedication to helping others that makes him a fantastic real estate professional, investor, entrepreneur and business owner. 

Additionally, helping him understand his real estate clients even further, Kyle Boyce Rogers is in the process of building his family their own custom home. Though he’s, of course, seen the real estate business from a personal standpoint previously, the ins-and-outs of building a home from the ground up has given him a whole new perspective of the real estate process and industry. 

Outside of real estate, Kyle spends a lot of his time working towards the success of the family business. As a parent himself, he is passionate about making sure that families and children have all the tools they need to reach their full potential. With a family-friendly approach, the program stands out from the pack by prioritizing a non-competitive, supportive, and challenging experience for the children in their care. 

Kyle Boyce Rogers is a graduate of Clemson University where he obtained his Business Management degree—one of the most sought after degrees at the university due to its associated employment opportunities and prestige. His educational background, combined with his experience within a family of business owners and entrepreneurs, Kyle was able to arm himself with an advanced business acumen and insight into what it takes to be successful in business.

Kyle Boyce Rogers, when he’s not working, can be found spending as much time as possible with his family. He truly enjoys the simple things in life, whether that be movie nights on the couch with his wife and three children, playing a round of golf on a beautiful, clear day, or attending church alongside the rest of his community. 

To learn more about Kyle and his insight into real estate, be sure to visit his blog!