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Investing in real estate can help you build up your wealth for retirement savings as it gives you a means of earning passive income in the present. However, achieving either of those goals involves an ability to measure risk and a talent for diversifying your investments. This guide can help you create a strategy for reaching your goals by showing you the best ways to build up your investment portfolio.

Never Stop Studying the Market

For as long as you are interested in the real estate market, you should consistently continue to study its fluctuations. This can help you predict how rental properties will continue to perform and help you buy new properties at the right time. For instance, failing to understand the market can cause you to buy an investment property when prices are peaking. This means you’ll earn less of a profit when you want to sell that property.

Use Rental Properties to Fund Future Investments

You can use a snowball method to continue growing your wealth through real estate investments. The profits you earn from the first rental property you buy should be set aside until there’s enough capital to fund a second rental property. The income from those two properties can be used to fund the third property and so on. Ultimately, your goal should be to own enough properties that a couple of vacancies will still leave you with enough passive income to meet all of your financial needs.

Choose a Broad Range of Properties

While you may start by investing in multi-family residential properties, you can better protect your wealth by investing in other types of properties as well. Try to invest in commercial properties, industrial buildings, and office buildings to create a diverse real estate portfolio. You can also choose alternative investing types, such as putting your savings into REITs (real estate investment trusts) and real estate crowdfunding projects. These options allow you to grow your wealth without forcing you to commit to real estate properties’ physical management.

A savvy investor will rely on the professionals that help them manage their investments better. This may include consulting an investment advisor. Hiring the right professional can be an investment in itself. The right professional can save you money on your initial investment, help you deal with tax issues, and ensure your investment provides you with the income you need to meet your investment goals.