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Inventions in technology and product designs are continually changing the current approach in home constructions. Architects and interior designers have currently put efforts into research to fulfill new homeowners’ lifestyles and priorities. The following are the societal trends driving changes in new home construction.

Smart Technology

The use of technology has become the biggest priority for new homeowners. They embrace smart home features for security, energy efficiency, environmental control, appliances, and entertainment. The use of smart devices such as wireless door locks makes life easier for homeowners and is embraced by all ages.

Smart technology allows homeowners to connect all their appliances on a Smartphone, hence saving money on energy bills. For instance, smart technology may enable users to do laundry while still working.

Wood Grain Ceramic Tile

This is a new building trend, inspired by individuals who like the nature of hardwood. There is a widespread use of wood grain ceramic tile in new houses due to their unique properties. A mixture of hardwood and ceramic makes it a favorite choice for bathrooms. Ceramic tiles can withstand water and humidity, while hardwood has an appealing characteristic. Its chameleon-like ability enables the tile to works well in an elegant master bath or a casual kid’s bathroom.

Personalized Kitchen

Many homeowners currently prefer a more oversized kitchen that provides enough multifunctional space. Also, kitchens are being designed for multifunctional use with materials that highly stain resistant.

In the past, kitchen cabinets matched, and new homeowners prefer contrasting cabinets in terms of shape, design, and color for more elegance. For instance, many new homes have contrasting upper and lower cabinets or wall cabinets contrasting with island cabinetry.

Low-Maintenance Materials

Homeowners are looking for options that will cut down the future repair and maintenance costs. Thus, homebuilders opt for durable materials such as hard plank siding, granite counters, and long-lasting paint to ease the expenses of owning a home.

Flexible Rooms

New homeowners are looking to create a flexible space such as pocket doors, big tables that can be changed to a dining table, or a home office that can be a playroom. Currently, the availability of flexible space determines the purchase decision of potential homeowners.